My tune "Inverted" is playing on several smooth jazz stations worldwide. Check it out!

Thank you for the nice interview...check it out!

Beginning December 01, 2017, my latest project "Riding the Jetstream" will be featured audio aboard Delta Airlines. If you're flying on Delta in the coming months, check it out! 

"Just When I Think I'm Over Her" impacting radio September 11, 2017!

Starting tomorrow 09/01/17, my latest project "Riding the Jetstream" begins it's promotional journey with has an audience of 20 million listeners and visitors in over 200 countries around the world. I look forward to the journey & to see where it goes. Thanks for listening & your support of my music!

"Shinjuku Sunrise" impacting radio April 09, 2018. Check it out!

​​Beginning December 01 2015, Delta Ai​rlines will be featuring my Musically Speaking project as part of the on-oboard entertainment experience.  I'm grateful & humbled to my employer Delta Airlines for providing me the opportunity to have my music heard globally. The CD will be played in it's entirety on December 01. On January 01, 2016, I'll be the featured artist on the Delta In Flight Entertainment. Being the featured artist, I was interviewed about my life's journey leading me up to this point of putting out my first music project. If you're flying on Delta in the coming months, check it out. If's the interview. Thanks for listening!....Paul

"Riding the Jetstream", my latest single hits the airwaves July 02, 2018..check it out!

My tune "Breezy Wednesday" is playing on smooth jazz stations worldwide. Check it out!

"Afraid to Fall in Love Again" impacting radio January 15, 2018!